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Maruti Suzuki Ritz – Expect a splash

15th May 2009


Launch – Maruti Suzuki Ritz


Outcome – Kick Ass


This post will be extremely Biased, Subjective & One Sided.


The official website of the ‘Ritz’ – popularly known as ‘Splash’ across the world is wonderful. It is a little heavy, especially for someone using a data card but extremely well planned. It is by far one of the best car sites that I have seen in India.


The car itself promises to be a big seller. I had been doing some research on a Hatch back for a month or so & i10 seemed to be the front runner.


The 4.2 – 4.4 lakhs was a sweet spot for me. In that price range, the best option available was the i10 closely followed by the Vista.


BUT NOW, Ritz is here.. I am so gonna buy this car.


Love it…


HCL Toshiba Service centre – Pune

Rating: 1.5 /10

Date Of Experience: 25th March 2008

Reason of Visit: Problem with My Toshiba Laptop

Experience: Extremely Bad (Lasting Over 4 Days and Unnecessary Expenditure on travel)

Story: My laptop had stopped working about two weeks back. The problem was not very clear. My windows had crashed and the recovery CD will not work.

Before Going to the Company guys… 

I had shown it to a couple of couple of guys and they checked for usual suspects. Hard Drive seemed to be working. ROM & RAM were ok.

Then one of the Guys installed Ubuntu (Linux) for some sort of an overwrite.

It did not work so I decided to take it to the company service centre at the fag end of town.

I reach there and find a couple of lazy ass employees bumming around and more than a couple of customers waiting around.

There was no signage or anyone at the reception desk.

Finally, one guy comes and I ask him to take a look. He sees and looks as if he has chanced upon the biggest invention of his times.. A Laptop.. He looks puzzled and excited at the same time. He then asks a supposedly senior lookin guy to come and take a look.

That guy does the same sort of things with the laptop.. only with a lesses degree of surprise.

Finally, he heaves a long sigh and says.. “I don’t know what the problem is.. we will jhave to keep it for two days”

To which I ask “Why two days and not one or three” and I am given some Mumbo-Jumbo about Diagnostics and Company Policy.

So, I agree and leav e the laptop on the condition that This ver guy will give me a call tomorrow at 11 am and tell me the status.

Next day, I do not get a call till 4.  I call them at 4 and a rude woman picks up the call and casually says that the guy is out on a call. She goes on to say ( In a patronising Tone) “That SHE will call me and I NEED not call.”

The same routine carries for three more days, and I am not given a clue about the progress.

Finaaly, I get a call saying My Motherboard needs to be replaced and it will cost 25000 and take three weeks.

Now, I am not bill gates but I KNOW my laptop does not have a motherboard problem.

I go and pick up my laptop and vow to never buy a Toshiba Again..

Now Toshiba loses a future customer. Not because they make bad things but they employ morons.

HCL better learn some manners and technology. 

A brief Introduction

This blog exists for a simple purpose. “Customer Reviews” not “Reviewer Reviews”

Our opinions are infinitely important. Our friends seek it. We seek it. Companies die to hear a good word, but what if you don’t like it. It is your right to let the world know.

A bad experience, a rude waiter, bad stocking or just a bad feeling should never go unpunished..

This is an invitation.

If you are blogging about an experience, send a comment, send the post.. We will post it..

Let the companies understand consumer power..

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